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Having your portrait taken is such an intimate experience. You have to trust that the photographer you choose will not only capture you at your most beautiful but will capture your true "You". 
Our approach is always in the best of taste, with artistry & love of the trade. We love individuals that get just excited as we do about having their photo's taken as we do taking them. If you are looking to hire a photographer to just "check the box", we are not the ones for you.
We understand that everyone is unique in their style, personality, and biography and want to produce images that reflect that individuality.
So feel free to poke around the website and see our personality through the types of images we take.
Memories fade, but photo's last for generations.
How will you share your legacy? 

Meet the Artist

I love creating...whether it be making giant flowers for a photo shoot, a fun Angry Birds birthday cake for my son, a menagerie of DIY projects, or adding a little flair to my clients portraits using photoshop. 
I grew up surrounded by momentos; family photo's that my mom had taken of us all ... just as her father had with her own family. My Grumpa had that love to create, as did my mom (and she still does...she's my 2nd in command :-) I can lose myself for hours at a time looking through albums full of our family's life's moments. .. moments that may have been lost if it weren't for those photographs.
The older I get, the more I realize moments fade way too easily from memory, but photo's will always be there to bring you back to "that moment". They not only serve as a reminder of the past but always end up putting a smile on my face.
I suppose my love for photography started in high school. Not knowing what elective to complete my schedule with I figured why not throw an easy A in there...and opted for Photography 101. Not having an SLR of my own, I used my dads old Minolta that went with him to Vietnam. A camera that had taken pictures of gallant Army aviators in their helicopters and Bob Hope with his USO girls. I always felt like I was holding a piece of history when I used it. 
So - that became my first camera. I used it to learn how to shoot and develop black and white film, how to compose a stunning photograph, and how to find beauty...just about everywhere.
The more I studied the art of photography, the more I fell in love with it all. The ability to capture emotion and beauty; freezing that one moment in time and then adding a little something to it ... something that makes it even more special; unique.
My goal is to provide meaningful artwork for my clients along with memories that last for generations to come. 
I absolutely love what I do and hope that shows through the images we take. 

Lara Arthur

Meet the Artist

A few of my favorite things»

My family is my world. If I took a step back and looked at my life, family has been my saving grace. My parents have never stopped being my parents; for that I am eternally grateful. My sister and brother are both such amazing people who confirm each time I speak with them that we've got a pretty awesome family. My son is a blessing. He has taught me patience, humility, & true unobtrusive love. 
My faith is what guides me. Belief that a being so perfect thought we were worth dying for will never stop amazing me.
I turn to music for more than entertainment. Music moves me; both body & mind. I absolutely love to dance and when I listen to groups like Mercy Me, Big Daddy Weave or artists like Lauren Daigle my heart is truly touched.
Petit fours, apple crisp, Nutella (chocolate hazelnutty greatness), glazed donuts, tiramisu, brownies, cakes & homemade cream cheese butter cream frosting.

family. faith. music. sweets

My Favorite Things

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A great coffee needs no cream or sugar. I do love a delectable cappucino or latte though! (Sweets go well with coffee too :-)
Aaaahhh I could not live without my flip flops! I think I must have at least 20 pairs. Ok, so maybe I can live without them ... but only when I'm at the beach.
Get me to a beach and I won't ever want to leave. If you haven't visited Corolla it's a must. 
What can I say...I just absolutely adore steampunk....and would totally wear it every day if I had the guts to do so. Something about the mixture of tech with the Victorian/Edwardian style dress just does it for me :-)

coffee. flip flops. beach.

My Favorite Things

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