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1. Do you edit all of our photographs?
    a. I professionally enhance each photo for all Portrait Sessions. This includes any basic editing required, blemish removal, etc.

2. How many images can we expect from our Portrait sessions?

    a. There are generally 25-35 images available for your viewing.

3. If we order digital negatives, how are they delivered, what size are they, and how many will we receive?

    a. Every print purchased comes with the corresponding full resolution digital image for you to print as often as you’d like. Each 7x10 print is matted and placed in     a beautiful portrait box or envelope box (your choice); accompanied by your very own personalized Mobile Gallery App.

4. Wait, we have to purchase prints? All I really want are the digital images.

    a. Each print purchased comes with the full resolution digital image. If you’d rather just receive the digital image via the Mobile Gallery App, that is fine, however     the price remains the same.

5. What kind of packages do you offer
    a. I offer a base Folio Box package that includes makeup, the photoshoot (3-4 outfit changes), a Folio Box w/matted prints, and the corresponding hi-res digital           image. Additional items from the a la carte menu are made available at reduced pricing with the purchase of a Folio Box package. Folio Boxes start at $1200. 

6. Do we get the copyright of the images?

    a. No, but you will receive a personal license that allows you to make and share as many copies as you would like. Making any kind of a profit off any image is             prohibited.

7. Can we receive the raw files?

    a. No. I do not provide RAW files. Besides the fact that RAW files are HUGE, and take up a ton of space, there is no practical reason for you to have these. Hi           resolution JPGs are perfectly fine for printing of any size.
8. Can I purchase prints from you online?
    a. Unless you are out of state, I do not offer the purchase of prints or products online. All image viewing and print/product purchases are done in person about         2-3 weeks after your session.

9. Do you take a credit card as a form of payment?
    a. I take cash, check or PayPal. I can take a CC, however, a percentage of 3% will be added to cover the cost of running your card.

10. What kind of equipment do you use?
    a. I’m a Nikon girl. I use a D4 as my main camera but have another Nikon body on hand as a back-up. My second in command uses a D800. We both have a                 plethora of Nikon glass to cover each and every photo situation along with Nikon flashes and Profoto B2’s.




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